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Taxodium ascendes "Pond Cypress"

Pond Cypress

This is a deciduous conifer of the genus Taxodium, native to North America. Many treat it as a variety of Bald Cypress as(T. distichum var. imbricarium) rather than a distinct species. On average it reaches 50-60 in height and has slenderer leaves and are on shoots that tend to be erect. The trunk is expanded at the base to assist in anchoring in the soft, muddy soil. Like Bald Cypresses, when growing in water they have a characteristic called cypress knees; these are woody projections pneumatophores sent above the water from the roots, enabling this plant to breathe air where ther is waterlogged soil. The longevity of this plant is estimated at 1000 years however “The Senator” was the world’s largest growing Pond cypress growing in Longwood, Florida's Big Tree Park, it was estimated to be over 3,400 years old and 125 ft tall at its demise on January 16th 2012 by a fire.

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