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Buxus x 'Buddy'


Clarence E. "Buddy" Hubbuch, Jr, Bernheim forest’s first horticulture director (1962 to 1995) hybridized a group of boxus x cultivars during his time at Bernheim. The “Buddy” boxwood was selected out of this group in the early 2000’s by Paul Cappiello along with Chris Summers it was propagated and named after this extraordinary and influential plants-man many have come to know as “Buddy” Hubbuch. Little is known about how he hybridized this cultivar but many have speculated that there is some ‘Vardar Valley’ in it from its dark green-blueish color and resistance to leaf minor. The original plant at Bernheim is gone but the original cuttings from the mother plant are at Chris Summers nursery have remained unpruned and in ten years has grown to a height of about 30” by 40-42” wide. One of the new plants to look for!

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